Meet Napoleon!

Born beachside in sunny Malibu, nestled in the shade of California palms, Napp’s fancy frozen treats represent a continuation of the lifelong obsession with quality, innovation and taste that’s defined my family for generations.


Slow churned in every pint are the finest organic ingredients in their purest, healthiest form, free of the artificial binders, gums, preservatives or processed sweeteners found in other ice creams. The magic of Napp’s begins with our special alchemy of organic raw honey water and apex-quality coconut cream that's whisked into an impossibly fluffy foundation and carefully married with exotic spices, seeds and fruits.


Every optimistic spoonful of Napp's tastes like California - a jubilant sensation that’s light on the tongue and complements the clean living that’s so important to me. A happy West Coast life that’s dairy free, guilt free, gluten free, paleo, and non-GMO. But most of all, Napp’s is a superfood approved by my loving Frenchie, Napoleon.


Have a lick.

Tastes Like California